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Tips For Choosing A Front Door.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a front door. Naturally you want something that is aesthetically pleasing. However there are a number of other potential benefits. With Palladio Doors it is possible to get a front door that is attractive but also secure, keeps warmth in and reduces noise.

A common reason want to replace their door is because their current one is becoming worn or broken. This means that gaps can open up where the wood has been warped or damaged. Heat escapes through the gap thus reducing the energy efficiency of your home and increasing household heating bills. This insulating effect is not just useful in terms of preventing energy escaping from the home. It also means that noise is reduced as it has to pass through the thicker material.

Another potential issue is security. A door made from wood is less likely to be secure than one made from composite materials (typically reinforced with steel and surface coating designed so that it does not bend or warp). This means anyone attempting to break in will find it hard to break through due to the thickness of the material.

While companies often boast about the quality of their products in the case of  Palladio Doors this has been officially verified because the locking system has been pas 23/24 approved as well as being physically more secure than a standard composite door. This means that the design has been approved to a standard accepted by both the police and insurers. Furthermore if you check the website you will see a video clearly demonstrating how well our doors fare against a battering ram compared with standard composite doors.

The thickness of a door is important. However you also want to be sure that it looks good. Fortunately Palladio Doors have a wide array of designs. While some people may worry that a new door may clash with older styles of architecture we pride ourselves on designs that have been created in order to blend in with a number of architectural styles.

In short it is worth contacting Palladio Doors to find out more about our future proofed range. We also have a number of testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased doors from us. In simple terms talk to us today and find out how you can get a front door that will keep your home warm, secure and look good too!