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Palladio Doors- Warmth, Beauty and Security.

Palladio Doors can offer what people should expect from their doors- warmth, beauty and security. The designs on offer perfectly balance both the beauty and aesthetic quality you want balanced with practical needs any homeowner wants. A few simple tips can help you ensure you get the best one for your home.

One aspect that is often overlooked when people think of doors is how they keep in warmth (or unfortunately in some cases how they don’t). Heat can often escape through cracks in walls or through the roof and this is why homeowners often fill in those cracks or install loft insulation. However these same people may not realise that ageing or broken doors can also leave gaps and that investing a more energy efficient door can save them money on heating costs in the longer term.

There is also how visually appealing the design is. While the rest of the exterior is a consideration you need to be sure that the door either fits the design or provides a visually appealing contrast. There are a number of options. You may want something simple and understated or you may want brighter colours and patterns that offer a contrast from the brick work of your home. You can find a wide range of Palladio Doors with distinct designs, colours and patterns.

Another vital aspect to consider is security. It is vital to have a door that can provide protection for you, your family and your property. Recent tests have showed that Palladio Doors can withstand more force from a battering ram than a standard door.

The reason this is crucial is because the longer it takes to break into a home the less likely a burglar will make the effort and the more time you will have to call the authorities. As well as thick material Palladio Doors also come with an 8 point locking system and a dead latch that is pas 23/24 approved (in simple terms it is the approval system used by the police and insurers to check the quality of any security system).

In short in terms of warmth, beauty and security Palladio Doors give you all you need to ensure your home stays warm, the front entrance looks inviting to your invited guests but also ensures any unwanted guests stay out! Contact Palladio Doors today to see how they can get the right door for you.