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Brighten Up Your Summer With A New Front Door.

Summer brings with it heat, brightness and colour. Your home should also feel like that. One of the best ways to let the sunshine in and make the most of your home is to make the front welcoming and the easiest way to do that is with a new Front Door.

The Front Door is important because it is often the first impression people have of your house. As with any aspect of the design it can be classic and understated, quirky and creative or bright and colourful. Whatever you want people to expect before they enter your home that door will often be their first clue. Therefore you need to carefully consider the design and what people will think before they decide to knock on the door or ring the bell.

There are a number of considerations to make when choosing a door. The material is often a vital factor. For example a lot of people still prefer to use real wood as opposed to another material with a wood effect. In order to decrease warping a lot of modern designs use veneer skins over a wooden core (this also helps to reduce construction costs).

This is why increasingly more people are choosing to use composite doors. This allows you to get the benefits of different types of material blended together. Therefore you can still get something that has an exterior with a classic wood finish but it also has a strong steel core to ensure it is rigid topped off with a thermal plastic coating in order to reduce scuff marks and scratches that can make a door look old before its time!

While material is important the colour can make a difference too when comparing the various designs available. For example using an orange door can provide bold colour, especially if it is in contrast to plainer looking walls around it.

Finally when choosing a design it is also worth considering energy efficiency. While you may be aware of heat escaping through gaps in walls or through the roof a more energy efficient Front Door can also be a useful tool in reducing energy costs.

Palladio Doors offer everything you need to keep your home not only looking its best but also ensuring it is kept warm, safe and secure. Contact us today to learn how doors can make your house really feel like a home!