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Save Money With An Energy Efficient Door.

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of energy efficiency. Whether it is buying an appliance that uses less energy or making your home more insulated there are a number of things you can do to reduce costs and prevent energy in your home being wasted. One example of this is by using an energy efficient door.

You are probably aware that heat can escape through the roof and windows. It is this escaped energy that adds to fuel costs as you have to compensate for what you have lost. While you should consider getting glazed windows and seal up any gaps in your home it is easy to forget that you can do the same thing with your door.

The first thing to consider is the thickness of your door. If the material your door is made from is thin then it is more likely to be affected by the weather. This can lead to weather damage and it is through cracks and gaps that heat can potentially escape. While it is possible to seal cracks this is often a short term fix for the problem and in the longer term you gain more if you replace an older door with a newer one such as a composite door you can save more in terms of reduced costs (furthermore thicker materials equal more security and reduced noise as well!)

Palladio Doors are double rebated. In simple terms this means that there are seals on the door that have been specifically designed in order to reduce the impact of damage from the wind and rain. Our triple glazed doors have a 0.98 u value (A low value is a good indicator of energy efficiency).

It is easy to be cynical about this and think it is a marketing trick. However a good indicator of the increased importance of energy efficiency is in the attitude of companies in charge of new builds. As companies are expected to prove the energy efficiency of the homes they build every part of the home can make a difference and an energy efficient door is just as important as insulation and glazed windows.

In short investing in Palladio Doors in the short term can be enormously beneficial in the long term. We have a range of options in our brochure that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as being effective and energy efficient. Contact us today to find out more and to see how we can make your home safer, warmer and quieter!