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Improved Front Door Security With Palladio Doors.

When people worry about break ins they generally think about locks on the door or other forms of security system. However it is easy to forget that the door itself is a vital consideration when it comes to keeping your home protected. Fortunately it is possible to get improved front door security with Palladio Doors.

Palladio Doors are designed to be more secure than standard composite doors. They are made from a one piece monocoque construction and are designed to be as strong as possible. A recent test using a battering ram showed that the Palladio Door was able to withstand more impact than the standard composite door.

This is worth remembering when considering what kind of door to buy. It means that it is physically harder for someone to break in and access your home. Given there is often a limited time frame for someone wanting to break into a home this can often be a deterrent in and of itself as the would be burglar looks elsewhere for an easier opportunity. Furthermore even if they are determined to break in it will take them longer and give you the chance to alert the authorities.

Another concern is the locking system. People can quite rightly point out that while the material the door is made of is important. All Palladio Doors use an 8 point locking system with a dead latch. This system is pas 23/24 approved. This means that it meets the approved standard for both the police and insurers so you can be rest assured that you are getting a security system that is approved by people who have a vested interest in making sure your home stays secure.

While these are all excellent benefits there are also additional benefits as well as security. For example thicker materials make great insulation and means reduced energy cost as less heat escapes from your home as well as improved noise reduction. This is why more construction companies making new build homes are using this kind of door because they recognise the potential long term benefits.

In short if you want to protect your home then you should improve your front door security with Palladio Doors. Our designs are future proofed so you know that we are ready to keep your home secure. Contact us today to download our brochure and find the ideal option to suit the needs of you and your home today.