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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Is the Palladio Door the same as all other UPVC or Aluminium Doors?
No, the Palladio Door is a far superior door because it is made in a one piece monocoque shell from extremely strong GRP. It is a much heavier and stronger door than any uPVC or aluminium door.
I have heard that you can paint the door. Is this true?
Yes, you can paint the opening section (the door leaf) of all our Palladio Doors. You cannot paint the frame or sidelines.
How does the door rate in terms in insulation?
All glazing in our Palladio Doors are triple glazed, achieving a U-Value of 1.1. The door body itself achieves a U Value of 0.205. Combined U-Value is 0.64. The combined U-Value including the frame is 0.98.
Is there a good security locking system on the door?
The Palladio Doors feature an eight point locking system with two hooks / two shootbolts / three rollers and a dead latch. It is PAS 23/24 and secured by design approved.
How long after ordering does it take for delivery and installation of my door?
Delivery times for supply and install doors is generally four weeks. Supply only is normally two weeks.
How long does the installation take?
Typical installation of a door with two sidelites takes one day.
Is there a guarantee with the door?
Yes, we offer a five year guarantee with all doors. One year guarantee on all moving parts.
Are Palladio Doors made in Ireland?
Yes, all Palladio Doors are manufactured in Ireland.
What are Palladio Doors made from?
Door Sash: The door sash is made from 65mm fibreglass reinforced monocoque shell. Door Frame: The door frame is made from uPVC frame with steel reinforcing.
Can I install a Palladio Door myself?
Palladio Doors can be installed DIY by a qualified tradesman / carpenter. We recommend that you buy the door including installation from us.