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Composite Doors- The Advantages of Palladio Doors.

Most people know about the advantages of replacing windows in order to make them more secure and energy efficient. It is easy to forget that your door needs to be secure and energy efficient as well and one way to help with this is by choosing Palladio doors.

As with any other part of your home the materials that your door is made from can make a massive difference. Thin and insecure materials mean that it is easier for someone to break in. Furthermore a thinner door will also mean more warmth escapes your home and thereby increases your energy bills. This insulation also works in terms of reducing noise as well due to the composition of the materials.

Composite doors are stronger than doors made of single materials due to the mixture of the different parts of their composition. Typically they use a steel reinforced frame for toughness, a timber hardwood core and usually some form of thermo plastic coating in order to make the door both scratch and scuff resistant. Each of these elements combined ensure the best possible quality of design.

Another additional benefit is that this also means that the door is less likely to be affected by weathering. Over time doors can potentially be damaged by cold weather conditions. If it is made of wood then it is more likely to bend and warp with increased pressure of wind and rain, in effect the worst conditions you can face during an Irish autumn or winter (and let’s be honest sometimes at other times as well!)

Cleaning is also an issue people have with doors. Over time if they get worn then the front of your house can look untidy and it can be hard to get it properly cleaned. A composite door requires less maintenance and often a simple wipe with a wet cloth will be enough to keep it looking attractive and presentable.

Increasingly more and more new builds use composite doors. Companies recognise that the long term benefits of reduced noise, increased security and reduction in energy bill costs are all worth the additional investment in the short term to save costs in the long term.

At Palladio Doors we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced form of doors, providing strength, warmth and noise reduction. Contact us today to find out more and how we can find the ideal door to keep you safe and sheltered.